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Simon Consulting Group appointed as Accredited Auditor for ETHIC Intelligence

Simon Consulting Group (SCG) today announced that it has been selected as an accredited auditor for ETHIC Intelligence. This prestigious appointment makes SCG one of only few companies qualified to assist ETHIC Intelligence in delivering certification for corporate anti-corruption compliance programs around the world.

The certification terms of reference developed by ETHIC Intelligence are based on all existing major international standards including international anti-corruption conventions (UN Convention against corruption, OECD Convention on combating bribery, etc.) and guidance provided by selected national regulators and prosecuting authorities (for instance in respect of the FCPA Federal Sentencing Guidelines and the UK Bribery Act Guidance).

In addition, ETHIC Intelligence’s certification factors in guidance issued by international governmental organizations (OECD guidelines for multinational enterprises, UN Global Compact),  recommendations issued by professional bodies and non-governmental sources such as the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and Transparency International (TI). It also takes into account International Standards “ISO 19600″ and “ISO 37001.”

ETHIC Intelligence Anti-corruption compliance certification has been developed to provide companies with concrete proof that their compliance programs are designed to mitigate their specific corruption risk and are effectively understood and implemented. Companies can use their certification to communicate positively and credibly on their compliance commitments as well as to benchmark and strengthen their programs, ultimately protecting teams and adding to brand value.

Unlike many other anti-corruption certifications, those carried out by ETHIC Intelligence and SCG require a thorough, on-site assessment of the company’s Anti Corruption compliance policy taking into account the specific corruption risks faced by the company, as measured by such factors as the nature of the company’s business (B2C, B2B, B2G), its size, the way it is legally and commercially structured and its geographical presence. On the basis of a comprehensive risk analysis, ETHIC Intelligence’s Anti Corruption certification processes assess the company’s Anti Corruption policies and procedures according to four main criteria: Information, Training, Tools and Controls. Results of the on-site audit are reviewed by a committee of international lawyers who provide an additional level of scrutiny and high-value recommendations. This two-tiered evaluation system, coupled with ETHIC Intelligence’s oversight of the process, makes ETHIC Intelligence anti-corruption certification unique in the world.

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